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The Roadmap to October 28


Re-Opening Cinemas & Drive-In's

OK, we tried.
Sadly we were stonewalled by the Government, no exemption was
granted for the screening of the Grand Final...!
Keep swimming, keep swimming...
After our last post, we received replies from some very unhappy campers,
accusing us of many things relating to the Government might require Vaccination
to attend the GF screening. The Drive-In has been closed for more than 250 days.
The 'Not for Profit' Grand Final screening was proposed to give the community
something to look forward to.
At the time, we were seeking direction from the Government for a chance
for a one off screening. So in our scramble for permission to open for the GF,
it may have came across to a number of individuals that we were in full
support of vaccination passports!
After a handful of venomous emails, it certainly made us rethink, why bother??
The Dromana Drive-In currently has NO Vaccination policy.
We were simply trying to convey that we may need to comply with
Government directives in order to screen the GF.
At that stage, there was no road map! So for the record, we do not exclude
anyone based on their vaccination status. That will only happen
by direction of the Government. Like all businesses, if we want to open,
we will need to comply (like it or not).
Anyhow, moving forward, the roadmap is out, something for all to work towards!
Below is a precis of what may happen in our industry.
Business Victoria has indicated that things could change early next month.
At this stage, it looks like vaccinations won't be required for entry into the Drive-In,
but to eat in Shel's Diner, you might need to be vaccinated?
So, in regards to food sales, we will just continue with the 'Delivery to Car'
and 'Click & Collect' option, no dining in for now.
As for the movies we will re-open with -
We will be catching up on some titles missed during lockdown as well as
some new releases. Keep watching for the next post.
Our re-opening week coincides with the long weekend and Halloween.
A Covid Safe Halloween could be interesting!!
As you can see below, the requirements for Cinemas could be quite different.


70% Vaccination (26 October)
Indoor Cinemas – Fully vaccinated, 30 cap per space
Drive-in open with same limits that apply to hospitality.
80% (5 November)
Indoor Cinemas– Fully vaccinated DQ4 and 150 per space
Drive – in open with same limits that apply to hospitality.


70% Vaccination (26 October)
Indoor cinemas – closed
Drive-ins Open patrons must remain in cars unless
accessing takeaway food or toilets
80% (5 November)
Indoor cinemas – Fully vaccinated: Indoors DQ4 and 150 cap per space. Drive -ins - Open , hospitality limits apply.
























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Covid-19 measures:


No patron cap applies. Can operate at 100% capacity with the following requirements in place:
* Attendees to remain in cars unless accessing toilets or Click & Collect food.
* Must wear masks when outside your car.
*COVID Check-In Marshals must ensure attendees check-in (QR Code)
*Delivery to Car and Click & Collect food & drink available from Shel's Diner.
* Hand Sanitizer provided outside toilets and in Shel's Diner
* Kids playground is open * If you are sick, don't come!