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OMG, the AFL Grand Final in Victoria!

Well, as close as you can get to it, at the Dromana Drive-In!
Watch the game from your car, safe in your own 'bubble',
on the largest screens available!

Who missed out in June this year when we telecast live,
The Saints V The Bulldogs; Lights flashing, horns tooting for every Goal & Behind!
But, there is a catch, we need your help to make it happen,
to convince the Victorian Government that the community needs it!
Just two days before our scheduled re-opening on October 26 ,
we require an exemption for the 'curfew & 5km rule', to make it happen!
Then the AFL & the Drive-In can work to make this happen!
Of course, as this will be a ticketed event, only those with tickets will be admitted!
Please comment, but more importantly, take action!
Email or call the Premier, the Premiers Department, Department of Health,
anyone you can think of!
We've tried with no luck, stonewalled in every direction, but they can't ignore everyone?

Here is a couple of contacts to get you started...

Thank you to all those that have purchased a Gift Voucher in
recent months, even being closed due to COVID19.
It truly warms the cockles of our hearts,
thank you for your support.
We'll be back showing movies soon!
For anyone that has an existing voucher, if you are concerned
they have expired or about to expire, please let us know as we
can extend it, no problem. Send us an email with name
(purchaser), voucher number & date it was purchased, to

Closed till further notice







Treasures Treasures














Corona Virus measures:

* You MUST stay in your cars.
* All tickets ONLINE only
* Takeaway food orders by your smart phone from your car.
* Diner doors closed. Food delivered to your car.
* The Playground will NOT be open.
* Maximum 4 people in toilets at a time, numbers monitored.
* Please stay in your car unless visiting toilets.
* Use Hand Sanitizer provided outside toilets.