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Special events coming soon:

"Finding Dory" Win a holiday competition - 16 June
Peninsula Ute Muster & B&S Ball & Pre Release screening of "Spinout" - September 10
Foreshore Rock Fest - Elvis movies - 26 November

Falcon GT Club Vic. - 10 December

Movies for Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 May

Online Tickets for this week - CLICK on movie below
Diner & Gates open 30 Min before Showtime

7pm Session:


Angry Birds movie Angry Birds Booking Link
Alice TLG Poster Alice TLG Booking Link
Nice Guys Movie Nice Guys Booking Link






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9pm Session:

XMen Apocolypse XMen Apoclypse Booking Link
whiskey Tango Foxtrott movie WTF Booking Link
bastille Day Movie Bastille Day Booking Link






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