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Frequently Asked Questions...


Admission Prices:

As at 26 Dec. 2023.

$60 per Carload, up to 5 people (including 1 car)
Extras at $18 per person.
OR $18 per person flat rate, 3 years & up

Deckchair Admission $24 per person, 2 years & up
Chair & Sound provided

Once your vehicle has entered the drive-in, no extra people will be allowed to join
your car, unless they pay $16 / $24 extra per person.
Any cars left in our driveway or on the side of the freeway will be reported
as abandoned and towed away.
There is 'No Standing' in all areas outside of the drive-in.


Can I hire a radio?

* Sitting outside your car or want to sit in the back of your ute?
BYO RADIO, put your windows down and turn up your sound.
You can't hire a radio
* Car radio issues? - we have a limited number available for hire BUT
only if you have a problem; $10 plus a Driver's Licence with a $20
refundable deposit, cash only.
* Flat battery during the movie? We can only jump start you at the
end of the movie so please go into Shel's Diner and hire a radio
if you have lost sound.


Do you sell online tickets?

Yes, Online or pre-purchase tickets are available through our website.
Click on the movie title on the HOME page to proceed to the 'Try Booking' booking portal. There is a small extra charge for credit card & processing fees.
The booking portal closes approx. 1 hour before first session of the night.
No allocated parking position, but entry guaranteed on busy nights.

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes, Gift Vouchers are available through our website.
Click the GIFT VOUCHERS button at the top of the HOME page,
and proceed to the 'Try-Booking' page.
NB: The recipient MUST then redeem the voucher through our website
Gift Vouchers can't be redeemed at the Drive-In, at the ticket box, only on-line.
Gift Vouchers can be used to purchase Shel's Diner online when purchasing
tickets through Trybooking only.

Do you have Credit Card facilities?

Yes, Credit Card (Mastercard & Visa) facilities are available at the Ticket Booth for
tickets, and in Shel's Diner for food & Merchandise.
No CASH out.

When are you open?

Summer & School Holidays - 7 Nights per week.
School Term 1 - Closed Mondays.
School Terms 2, 3 & 4 - Closed Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.
Closed Christmas Eve & Night.
OPEN New Years Eve and Good Friday.

Session times vary by season and Daylight Savings.
Always check the session times on our website HOME page.

How early should I arrive?

Depending on time of year, session times vary. One thing to remember, TRY NOT to arrive just before the advertised start time - many do and it slows down entry.
You may miss the start of the movie.
As a rule, arrive at least 30 minutes before Showtime.
See session times on the movie on our HOME page.

Where is the Dromana 3 DriveIn located?

The Dromana 3 Drive-In is located about 50km South of Melbourne,
on the Mornington Peninsula.
The GPS address is 133 Nepean Highway Dromana Victoria.
See the DIRECTIONS button on our home page for all the details.

Can I walk in and watch a movie?

Yes, you can bring your own Deckchairs etc, or hire one of
our chairs ($10 per chair plus $10 deposit).
You will need to bring a portable FM radio to listen to the sound.
We also have a viewing area with sound, depending on which movie.
See details about our 4th. SCREEN, our Deckchair Cinema
We supply Deckchairs and Radios.


You cannot smoke inside or near the doors of Shel's Diner,
in your car, at the Playground, in the Fields or in the Toilets.
We have had complaints from customers about cars with smokers, with their
windows down, allowing smoke to enter the cars nearby.
We really hope that smokers can understand how uncomfortable it is for other people,
and the likelihood that children will be exposed.
If you wish to smoke, you can do so standing underneath field 1, 2 or 3 screen
NO smoking in or around field 4 Deckchair Cinema

Can we sit outside the car, or on the car roof?

Yes, but if sitting outside the car on chairs/beanbags etc, you cannot take up another parking spot. Also, please consider how you are going to hear the movie,
we DO NOT loan our radios for this purpose.
If you are sitting on the roof of the car, you can block the view for people behind you.
You will need to park at the rear or sides of the parking area.
Under NO circumstances are vehicles to move around with people on the roof or other dangerous positions. remember, the Drive-In is a public place,
and ALL road rules apply.

How do I listen to the sound?

The sound for the movies is through your FM car Radio. A portable radio will also
work very well. ie: a 'Ghetto Blaster' or small transistor radio.
You cannot stream the audio via the internet.
We do not loan radios out so you can sit outside your vehicle.

What happens if it rains?

We continue to screen the movie.
If it's light rain, you may need to apply intermittant wipers.
Heavy rain will require fast wipers until it stops.
The inside of windows can fog up its recommended to leave a window slightly open.

What if I get a flat battery?

We have a Jump Battery Pack to get you going. We are very well practiced in
starting all types of cars. The Jump Pack has protection to guard against
incorrect connection and surges.
Please ask for assistance in Shel's Diner if it is open, otherwise,
there is a doorbell on the Service Door on Field 3.
This is a 'Free' service; on busy nights, please be aware that there maybe
a delay in starting your car.
We are unable to start you during the movie, but can loan you a radio to complete
the movie. Please enquire inside Shel's Diner.
If you call the RACV,
they are also unable to start you during the movie.

Can I reserve a parking spot for a friends car?

On busy nights, you cannot reserve parking spots.
Allocation of one car park per car, when parking your car it is two car parks
between the white poles, not one!!
First in, first served!

Low Clearance at Ticket Box

Be aware that if you are driving a campervan or minibus etc. there is low
clearance under the ticket box.
Don't forget the airconditioner on your roof.
If you won't fit, you gain entry by going through the EXIT Driveway.
The clearance is 2.8 Mtr.


Driving with headlights on inside the Drive-In?

Whilst we require that you use your Parking Lights (not driving lights) whilst moving
around the Drive-In, you are required to extinguish all lights once you are parked.
Some newer model cars have confusing systems, customers are having trouble
turning lights off. Please test your car before you attend, during dark hours.
If you can't turn off ALL lights, please enquire with the dealer
as to how to achieve this before coming on a night.

Can I stay for the second movie?

You are able to pay for both movies at time of entry or if you decide that you
want to watch the second movie later, just stay, we will come to your car
and collect more money from you.

Can I have a BBQ in the Drive-In?

For various reasons, smell, drippings, fire, conflict with our diner.

Can I bring in outside food?

We allow you to bring picnics, snacks, drinks etc. but we ask that for meals, you
utilise our Diner. We have a very extensive menu, a classic Diner design where you
can eat your meals in our Booths. You can view the Memorabilia, play the
Pinball & JukeBox.
Of course, you can also take your food back to you cars.
The Diner facilities are only for food purchased in the diner.
Lets face it - luke warm Macca's is nothing compared to a freshly cooked
Chev Burger and Lime Milkshake!

Can I purchase food & merchandise from Shels Diner without watching a movie?

Yes, you need to check in with the Ticket Seller, on busier nights, this may not be possible.
You will be required to park your car near the entry and walk to the Diner.


Is my dog allowed at the drive-in?
Updated 1/1/2022

DOGS, whilst we allow them to come into our venue, please respect our rule; they must be
on a lead at all times, any 'poo' must be picked up and disposed of properly
in a plastic bag, we DON'T provide these!
Once the movie starts your dog must remain in your car until you exit the
drive-in, after your movie ends
The Dromana Drive-In takes no responsibilty for any injury or damage to any person or
property, including the Dromana Drive-In as a result of your dog being
on our premises, full responsibilty remains with the owner.
NOTE: not everyone will love your best friend.
As always, allowing your dog into our venue is a privilege and not a right. If you can't
respect our rules, please leave your dog at home or don't come.


Dropping of Rubbish from your car.

Whilst the Drive-In is open to customers, it's a Public Place. The Litter Control Act is
in force just like on a highway or supermarket parking lot.
There are plenty of wheelie bins close to your car - please use them.
Other customers have been known to 'Dob In' litterers to the EPA hotline
on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC)

Is my boat / trailer allowed at the Drive-In?


Noisy, rowdy, abusive behavior and speeding is forbidden.

Flashing lights, Sounding Horn, Speeding or unsocialble behavior
Any customer behaving in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave.
Police will be called if you refuse to comply.
Your number plate is on record & survaillance cameras are recording 24/7
throughout the premises.

What happens if I try to hide someone inside my boot etc?

It is termed 'Theft by Deception'. You will be asked to leave, with no refund.
Police will be called if you don't comply, and charges laid.
Your number plate is on record & survaillance cameras are recording 24/7
throughout the premises.

How long can I remain in the drive-in after my movie finishes?

You are required to leave within 5 minutes of the finish of the movie.

Video camera, camcorder or recording equipment.

If you have these devices in your car, we will assume that you intend to copy the movie.
We will ask that your equipment is left with the Ticket Seller until your movie finishes.
If we catch you in the act of recording the movie or the sound, we will report you to the Police and the Federal copyright authorities.
If you witness someone copying our movies, please report it to us immediately,
- free movie tickets as a reward!

Where can I find the program & times?

This Website is the prime means of finding information about thew Movies and the Drive-In.
Check the HOME page for all the details.

How far in advance can I find out what is screening?

One week in advance.
We don't normally advertise the next weeks movies until the current week is finishing, to prevent confusion. The COMING SOON button on the HOME page will give you an idea of what's coming soon. If you are trying to organise a group night in advance, please call
on the nights we are open or email us CONTACT US button on the HOME
page to speak to us for a better idea.

How can I get a Screen-Ad for my business?

Please call the number on the CONTACT US button on the HOME page to speak to us.
Various packages are available, with options to supply your own Ad. or we can
arrange to have one made.

Can I get an announcement on screen - Birthday, Anniversary, Proposal?

We are pleased to help you celebrate a special occasion, what better way to propose
to your loved one that with a specially made announcement on the screen!
You can even make your own Ad. if thats your thing...
We need some time for preparation, so give us plenty of notice.
Please CONTACT US about costs.